Jolanda Vitaljić @chubbychicjolanda, is a chef from Split, Croatia, who has gained recognition for her culinary expertise and engaging online presence. She is celebrated for her creative and delectable recipes, often incorporating traditional Croatian cuisine with a modern twist. Jolanda uses her platform to share her passion for cooking, posting photos and videos of her dishes, along with step-by-step recipes that her followers can easily replicate at home. Her Instagram feed is a vibrant showcase of her culinary creations, featuring everything from hearty main courses to decadent desserts.

Jolanda also hosts private culinary workshops known as Chef’s Table. These workshops are intimate, hands-on cooking classes where participants can learn directly from Jolanda in a personal and engaging setting. During these workshops, Jolanda shares her expertise in Croatian cuisine and other culinary techniques, guiding participants through the preparation of various dishes.

Photo credit: Ivona Bezmalinović

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