SET 52


There’s no better feeling than when a fan of your work trusts you completely and gives you the freedom to create a set of dishes for their home. And what a set! Three months later, a full 52-piece set for 8 people was ready for its owners. It included large plates (28 cm), dessert plates (21 cm), large and small serving bowls, latte cups and espresso cups.
Creating this set was demanding because of its size and the use of new clay. Working with new clay required a lot of testing to finally get the watercolor effect right on high temperatures. Each piece was made on the turning wheel, from a sturdy stoneware clay. Stoneware clays are usually yellow in tone and that wouldn’t agree with the choice of colors for the set. So we covered the clay with white porcelain slip to make the watercolors pop.
Our mission was to create everyday-proof and beautiful set that will be their daily companion for messy breakfasts, family lunches, romantic dinners, special occasions and gatherings. Oh, if those plates could talk…

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