Blue Grey Salad Bowl

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This beautiful & sturdy stoneware bowl was hand shaped using slabs, adorned with dreamy reactive pink & tirquous glazes creating special effects. Goes well with ramens, soups, risottos, pastas & big salads for one.

that each piece is slightly different and unique. Small differences in details and colours are possible, but hey that’s the charm of handmades!

H 6 x Ø 21 CM

white earthenware clay, engobes, glossy transparent glaze, 24ct gold

All colours and glazes are LEAD FREE and FOOD SAFE. Dishwashers may endanger your piece and spoil its beauty. To maintain the cup’s quality, it’s advisable not to leave it in the sink for an extended period due to its unglazed and porous bottom. Instead, hand wash and allow it to air dry for optimal care.

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Dimensions300 × 200 × 100 cm