Soft Red & Blush Stripes Stoneware Mug

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If you like to drink your coffee with lots of milk, this is your size.

HAVE IN MIND that each piece is slightly different and unique. Small differences in details and colours are possible, but hey that’s the charm of handmades!

H 8.5 x Ø 8 CM / 2.5 dcl / 250 ml

white stoneware clay, engobes, glossy transparent glaze, 24ct gold

All colours and glazes are LEAD FREE and FOOD SAFE. Dishwashers may endanger your piece and spoil its beauty.

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Landscapes cups are just like the pleasure of drinking coffee – unpretentious and full of joy. True coffee lovers know what we’re talking about. And Marinski fans know that our ever-present inspiration for design is nature, this time – those beautiful landscapes.The line is blurry between clouds and skies, between water and colour, so rest your eyes and calm your spirit with every sip.

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Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions200 × 70 × 130 cm