Marinski Heartmades for Loré

It is all about celebrating handmade process. Let me introduce you to Loré.

Loré is meant to be a fable about beauty and uniqueness of Hispanic America with its vibrant colors, rustic textiles and rich heritage. Loré believes in tradition combined with modern cuts showing that a crossover can have amazing effects in textile design. Their collections are limited one piece designs using ethnic motives in a way as innovative as any contemporary pattern, creating creative and vivid textures.

Textiles that they use are hand-woven as weaving has always presented a form of communication or symbolic storytelling. The colours, designs and patterns in traditional hispanic weaving all carry a symbolic significance and have literally been woven into a community’s heritage. Loré‘s mission is to narrate an inspiring story with every item which is unique and impossible to reproduce. 

With the ability to benefit the workers who manufacture the products, Loré offers an opportunity to positively impact lives, helping developing unique textiles and maintaining handmade tradition.  

The Loré label has its own ceramic handmade jewelry line that complements every collection, designed by Marina Marinski.

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